Welcome to the Minecraft It Network! Join our community of helpful staff and friendly players. Explore and play in our amazing minecrafts worlds today.

Things to do...

  • Find a job to grind & earn money /warp jobs
  • PVP at the /warp bender
  • Build in /warp creative
  • Play Sky Block at /warp skyblock
  • Survive on your own island at /warp islands
  • Play mini-games in the arcade /warp arcade
  • and so much more to explore!

How To Get Started

First get familiar with the server commands and then login the server at play.minecraftit.com to start playing.


8/21/2016: Survival Island is now open! Use /warp islands and /plot claim auto to play.

8/21/2016: Arcade is now open! Use /warp arcade to play our orginal custom mini-games TNT Drop and Runner.

8/14/2016: Adventure, Mini-Game Arcade and Factions coming soon!

8/14/2016: Brand new Bender World.

8/01/2016: All new server update and we flashed back to v 1.8 for the PVP advantages and plugin options.


When purchasing through the store it will take between 2-10 minutes to receive your items in game. Just play like normal and the items will appear in your inventory like magic :)

Server Status: OFFLINE

Players Online


Vote Daily for free vote keys.

World Status
  • Bender OPEN
  • Sky Block OPEN
  • Jobs OPEN
  • Creative Plots OPEN
  • Arcade OPEN
  • Survival Island OPEN
  • Adventure COMING SOON!
  • Factions OPEN